It’s not a party without some pizza! So the other night my friend and I decided to make una pizza con Zinfandel! Infusing Ranch Maria Zinfandel into the pizza sauce and toppings!


Select Ingredients:

**Rancho Maria 2013 Zinfandel**


Hot Italian sausage (I found one’s with apricot that were excellent!)

Wild mushrooms

Red bell pepper (chopped)

Red onion (chopped)

Baby kale

Shaved Parmesan

Fresh Oregano

Pizza sauce (recipe of your choice)

Pizza dough (your choice)


Pizza Recipe:

We all make pizza different ways depending on what we have access to, so I’m not going to tell you to cook your pizza in the oven if you have a brick oven or in the mood to BBQ. Have fun with it, to each their own!

1.The basics: Pre-heat oven to 450° or spark up the grill or brick oven. Roll out dough on pizza stone, drizzle in olive oil, and set aside. TIP: If using a grill or traditional oven, grill/bake the dough till it’s slightly crispy before hand so that the pizza doesn’t get soggy (approx. 12-15 minutes)!

2. The sauce: Heat pizza sauce in pan, add Zinfandel, let simmer till
alcohol burns off and sauce is thick rich, sweet and zinny.

3. The veggies: Heat olive oil in skillet (high), add chopped red onions & bell peppers and char till
golden brown. Then turn down temp to med-low and add wild mushrooms and zinfandel and cook till mushrooms are soft and Zinfandel is infused.

4. The swine: In a skillet, on high, cook bacon and sausage for 2-3 minutes.

5. The layers: Remove pizza dough from oven, apply sauce, then meats, then veggies, baby kale and fresh oregano, and lastly shaved parmesan.

6. The oven: Since most of the ingredients are pre-cooked, the pizza will only need to cook for another 10-12 minutes! This way the greens stay green, and the pizza stays crispy!

Buon Appetito!