White Wines

We offer 3 white wines: 2 different Cuvées and 1 Viognier. The first Juliet Cuvée is a bright, fruity, complex blend of chardonnay, sovereign blanc, and Viognier which creates a unique flavor profile that has been described as "bitter sweet but more sweet than bitter."  The second Juliet Cuvée is more on the sour side.  There is less Viognier and more sovereign blanc.  The bright acidic flavor is similar to a barely ripe pineapple with a hint of crisp green apples.  Add in the bubbly component and the combination of flavors come together perfectly. Our Viognier wine comes from a unique grape that is grown just north of Rancho Maria at Schrader Ranch.  We wanted to create this wine traditionally by highlighting the vineyard itself.  These grapes are planted on a riverbed so they had great access to water.  Uniquely, late in season that river creates a freshwater fog that rises and protects the grapes from the hot sun.  The result? A very bright and tropical taste profile.  Imagine an adult Capri Sun.  It is a full white wine that creates a BIG taste and will leave a lasting impression.

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