Today, we decided to pair our wines with dark chocolate truffles from our Sonoma neighbors, Wine Country Chocolates! (I guess we didn’t quite take care of our chocolate fix this Easter.)

Listed below are a few of our favorite pairings!


2013 Stella ~ (60% Petite Syrah, 30% Zinfandel, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon)

When paired with the boysenberry dark chocolate truffle, the fruity flavors in this blend explode! None of the other truffles did anything beneficial for the wine or chocolate. We had better results with the pure chocolate. My favorite pairing with the Stella was the 71% dark chocolate, as earthy characteristics in the wine were elevated and highlighted beautifully.

2013 Monte ~ (60% Zinfandel, 30% Petite Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon)

Out of all the truffles, the raspberry, boysenberry, and Zinfandel chocolates were best with the Monte. The fruity chocolates brought out the tannins and robust characteristics in this wine. However, for this big, bold, full bodied blend, the pure 61% chocolate was the best!

2012 Zinfandel

The favorite truffle with our 2012 Zinfandel was the dark chocolate Zinfandel truffle. The flavors were very complementary! We also really liked our Zinfandel with the raspberry truffle, however, it was the 61% chocolate that went best.

2012 Petite Syrah

Our Petite Syrah loves chocolate. The favorites with this were the double chocolate truffle and Zinfandel chocolate. Though all our wines we paired well with the dark chocolate Zinfandel truffles, our Petite Syrah paired the best with the Zinfandel truffle! How weird!


Wine Country Chocolate‘s dark chocolate truffles were fun to experiment with, however, the simplicity of their 61% and 71% dark chocolates brought our the best characteristics in our wines. We will be sure to have some on deck at our tasting room, so you can try too!