Vineyard Estate

The Rancho Maria Estate

Rancho Maira Family Vineyard is a 10 acer Estate and Vineyard. This is where our family calls home. We live amongst the vines and the earth. The work around the farm is never finished, whether it’s the vines, fruit, yard maintenance, house maintenance. Living here is a year-round job.

Our Estate Vineyard is tucked away on a westward facing hillside in the heart of the Dry Creek Valley, Lytton Springs road. For decades our family has called this place home. It has served as the foundation for our fruit and our family. This is where we grow all of the Zinfandel and Petite Sirah we use for Rancho Maria Wines. Our vineyard has been transformed into a lush oasis, with beds of wild flowers and orchards of citrus and stone fruits.

 This vineyard has become a flourishing little echo-system that is home to little critters of all sorts. In an effort to maintain the natural balance, we have began to replant numerous bee friendly plants, which other plant friendly insects also enjoy.

Recently we have noticed flocks of wild turkeys have begun to come live in our vineyard and the ones that surround us. This is a very new occupancy in our vineyard. We believe that it is a sign of luck but also a indication that the vineyard is in a healthy state.


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